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          Hebi Puxin Magnesium Products Industry and Trade Co., LTD

          Hebi Puxin Magnesium Products Industry and Trade Co., LTD, founded in 1995 is one of the largest domestic magnesium enterprises with its fixed assets 120 millions. It is located at Southern segment of Xinghe street, Heshan district, Hebi City, Henan province, with convenient transportation, which is close to Beijing-Zhuhai expressway. Now we are specialized in development and production of magnesium alloy, chemical composition testing by FSQ direct-reading spectrometer, and rechecking chemical composition. We have professional department of quality inspection and comprehensive quality-control methods with our products strictly tested according to the standards of ASTM now we have 8 Resistance furnaces and 10 coal-fired furnaces, producing Mg alloy such as  AZ, AM, AS, etc. with annual output of 3000 tons of magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy sacrificial anode 1200 tons. Being with strong product development capability and stable products quality, we have obtained the right to operate import and export and certification of ISO9001: 2000 in 2004. Moreover, we have developed new products like Mg alloy profiles, Mg alloy die-castings, being widely exported to Europe, America, Japan , Korea, Taiwan , Hong Kong and other countries and regions.
            Over the past years, we insist on our goal of satisfying customers, thus being praised widely. We are willing to cooperate with customers, at home and abroad and seeking common development.
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